Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Active Pallet Shipper Presented at the ISPE San Diego Life Science Fair

Pharmaceutical Active Pallet shipper Conference Hours: 08/05/2015, 4:00pm – 7:00pm Cold Box Express is proud to announce its participation at

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the San Diego chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers Life Science Fair in San Diego, California on Thursday, August 6, 2015 at Green Acre Campus Pointe. In this unique setting, pharmaceutical engineers, manufacturers, and those involved in the life sciences industry can experience Cold Box’s fully functioning, IOQ and PQ validated, pharmaceutical active pallet shipper up close and speak with members of our sales team regarding their specific refrigerated pharmaceutical shipping requirements. As one of the purposes of the ISPE Life Science Fair is to create a space for pharmaceutical decision makers to meet new vendors and view products related to the pharmaceutical and life science industry, this is a perfect fit for the team at Cold Box to demonstrate the impressive features of their pharmaceutical active pallet shipper including:

  • Precise temperature control (±1⁰C) and extended hold times for all temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life sciences material,
  • 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting to eliminate risks to the valuable custom critical cargo and maintaining the high standard required for refrigerated pharmaceutical shipping, and
  • Strategically located nationwide depots allow for quick and economical pickup and drop off of the palletized rental providing an end-to-end cold chain shipping solution.

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers or ISPE is an international society for professionals involved in the engineering and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and related products. Visit the San Diego chapter’s website here: Date & Location: August 6, 2015, San Diego, CA Venue: Green Acre Campus Pointe  

Refrigerated Pallet Shipper More Effective and Cost Efficient for Run Wild Seafood Supply’s Frozen Shipping Distribution in Houston

Refrigerated pallet shipper for Run Wild Seafood SupplyFor start-up Houston seafood distributors, Run Wild Seafood Supply, Cold Box Express’ month-to-month rental service for a refrigerated pallet shipper has proved to be more effective and cost efficient than previously utilized refrigerated LTL trucking transport services.

According to Run Wild’s Euna Poole Guidry, the real values of the Cold Box active pallet shipper have been:

  • The 24/7 reporting and trip summaries that ensure the fresh and frozen seafood product is temperature safe for the duration of transit,
  • The flexibility and quick turnaround time gained from being able to independently supply the restaurant market, and
  • The ability to receive fresh and frozen seafood supply from sources in Louisiana and store the product safely while waiting for the remaining shipments before transporting the cargo to customers in the Houston area.
Cost-wise, with

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Run Wild’s one month rental commitment, the refrigerated pallet shipper pays for itself within five trips and becomes increasingly less expensive to use than traditional refrigerated LTL transport with its additional fuel charges and drop off fees.


Run Wild Seafood Supply transports authentic, wild caught, fresh and fresh flash frozen Louisiana seafood items to distinguishing Houston area restaurants. Their focus is Vermilion Bay shrimp, Gulf Coast shrimp, crabs, fin fish, live and packaged crab, live and packaged Louisiana crawfish, and more exotic French Louisiana delicacies such as, alligator, turtle, and frog legs.


To learn more about Cold Box Express, their daily, monthly, and long-term rental services, or how their revolutionary refrigerated pallet shipper is the perfect alternative to traditional refrigerated shipping and frozen transport, see:

Cold Box On the Panel for the 3rd Annual BioLogistics Summit in San Francisco

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 8.46.06 AM Cold Box is excited to announce that David Schnitta, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, will be participating in a panel discussion at the 3rd Annual BioLogistics Summit in San Francisco this July. The panel discussion will take place on Tuesday, July 14 at 11:15am at the The Hotel Kabuki and will touch on “Advantages of Updating your External Partnering Procedures to Secure Shipments, and Effectively Move Finished Goods”. In addition, David and the two other panelists will also share their expertise on themes such as:

  • How does your organization measure successful operations with external partners, and what are the specific metrics that you are following to ensure quality operating procedures of your internal team?
  • Real-world experiences and strategies to overcome obstacles when moving samples and goods both domestically and abroad; how are you incorporating communication at the earliest stage to improve supplier relations.
  • An in-depth look at validated active temperature controlled pallet shippers for palletized or LPL shipments that are part of a clinical trial, or movement of commercial finished goods. How can this increase the success rates of your organization’s cold chain distribution and inventory efforts?

In addition to the panel discussion, Cold Box will also be represented at the BioLogistics Summit as an Official Sponsor as well as an exhibitor with a large trade show booth featuring a fully operational Cold Box custom critical pallet shipper and a full sales team to address any questions from professionals attending the conference. According to the Conference Program Director, Lisa Il Grande, “for many years, the BioLogistics summit has been attended by executives from small, mid-size and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We have also seen an increase in attendance from CRO’s, CMO’s, laboratories and bio-repositories year on year. This summit is attended by stakeholders who oversee logistics and transportation, quality assurance, regulatory and compliance, clinical/commercial supply chains, and many more. This is a high level meeting for industry thought leaders in this space who are looking from first hand case studies from their industry peers.” With such a targeted market attending the 3rd BioLogistics Summit, Cold Box will be able to showcase their advanced refrigerated transport trucking and frozen shipping, custom critical, pallet shipper in “a very intimate setting

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that allows for the maximum amount of networking opportunities to take place.” Lisa promises, “up-and-coming exhibitors can find themselves among key stakeholders who are actively sourcing unique and groundbreaking solutions to their top challenges relative to temperature sensitive supply chains, while our panel and roundtable discussions also offer an ideal and candid environment for executives to discuss these challenges, and interact with exhibitors in real time.” In addition, as the Official Sponsor of the 3rd BioLogistics Summit, Cold Box Express has secured a 20% off standard rates end user discount. Quote code BIO_SP upon registration to secure this exclusive rate! To register for the 3rd Annual BioLogistics Summit, click here ColdBoxExpressInvitationEmail copy  

Cold Box Pallet Shipper 5-Part Thermal Testing results by Modality Solutions

In a recent evaluation by Modality Solutions, our Cold Box active pallet shipper was thermally tested at an independent thermal laboratory. Cold Box Express provided a palletized testing fixture allowing for the consistent placement of Temptales and mock payloads. A complete IQ/OQ package was prepared and the summary performance test report describes the thermal performance testing of an active Cold Box pallet shipper for use in an LTL trucking environment for the shipment of temperature labile product. This rigorous 5-part Thermal Validation protocol consisted of:Cold Box active pallet shipper 1. AUTONOMOUS OR BATTERY OPERATION; HOT PROFILE – With a fully charged battery, the pallet shipper was programmed to a set point of 5°C and placed in a thermal chamber where it was exposed to the ISTA 7EHOT profile, where the Cold Box demonstrated the capability to maintain all points within 3°C of set point throughout the payload volume for 103 hours. unnamed (1) 2. AUTONOMOUS OR BATTERY viagra online OPERATION; COLD PROFILE – With a fully charged battery, the pallet shipper was programmed to a set point of 5°C and placed in a thermal chamber where it was exposed to the ISTA 7ECOLD profile. The Cold Box demonstrated the capability to maintain all points within 3°C of set point throughout the payload volume for the entire test. unnamed (2) 3. BATTERY RE-CHARGE TEST – With a fully depleted battery, the pallet shipper was connected to power and the percent charge was recorded every does cialis work after ejaculation hour. Charging and preconditioning should be done connected to line power as stated in the operations manual. The battery indicator provides reliable information during discharging. The batteries should be charged for at least 12 hours to ensure a complete charge. 4. HOT LIMIT TEST – With a fully charged battery and connected to external power, the set point of the pallet shipper set to -20°C and was then subjected to a series of hot exposures in order to determine the capability to maintain set point temperatures. All points within the Cold Box were within 5°C of the set point with a bias towards -15°C. unnamed (3) 5. COLD LIMIT TEST – With a fully charged battery and connected to external power, the set point of the pallet shipper was set to +20°C and was then subjected to a series of cold exposures in order to determine the capability to maintain set point temperatures. All points within the Cold Box were within 2.5°C of set point with no bias. The Cold Box maintained temperatures during the entire test. unnamed (4)

In all of the stress tests above, the studies were conducted to show that the Cold Box is capable of maintaining a range of temperature set points in both HOT and COLD controlled test chamber environments, depending on product requirements for at least four days without need for re-charging. Payload for these tests consisted of empty corrugated boxes. These empty corrugated boxes represent a minimal cube capacity for the shipper as well as a negligible thermal mass and therefore challenged the ability of the Cold Box to maintain uniform temperatures within the product payload area.

The Cold Box pallet shipper is now ready for your high value validated controlled room temperature, refrigerated to freezer temperature controlled transport requirements providing an alternative that is viagra for sale competitive with if not what will viagra do superior to traditional dedicated refrigerated or reefer trucking, dry ice pallet shippers, and other passive pallet shippers.

To read the Cold Box pallet shipper Performance Thermal Test Summary Report by Modality Solutions, please click here.

Cold Box to Showcasing Custom Critical Pharmaceutical Shipping at Greater LA ISPE GMP Expo

Cold Box to Attend the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers GMP Expo Conference Hours: 05/14/2015, 3:30pm – 8:00pm Cold Box Express is proud to announce its participation at the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers GMP Expo in Long Beach, California on Thursday, May 14, 2o15 at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel. Come visit booth PR1 where you can speak with our sales team directly regarding your specific custom critical pharmaceutical shipping and quality control needs. There will also be a fully functional, climate controlled Cold Box pallet shipper on hand at the entrance, operating autonomously on its internal batteries maintaining 4⁰C for up close demonstrations of the IOQ and PQ Validation compliant features of the active pallet shipper. As the ISPE Expo targets pharmaceutical engineers interested in good manufacturing practices, the 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting features of the Cold Box make it a natural fit for eliminating risks to the valuable custom critical cargo and maintaining the high standard required for custom critical pharmaceutical shipping, as well as manufacturing. In addition, Cold Box’s network of national depots allow for pickup and drop off of your palletized rental,

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making the process both quick and economical providing an end-to-end cold chain shipping solution that offers pharmaceutical engineers and supply chain managers meaningful savings and risk mitigation in comparison to traditional refrigerated transport methods. The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers or ISPE is an international society for professionals involved in the engineering and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and related products. Visit the Greater Los Angeles chapter’s website here: Date & Location: May 14, 2015, Long Beach, CA Venue: Renaissance Long Beach Hotel Booth: PR1

Cold Box Helps Solve the Problem of Cold Chain Shipping in Summer

With the increase in temperature during summer months also comes an increase in the problems for customers to negotiate cold chain shipping for their temperature sensitive freight. While traditional refrigerated trucking is more common, it is also incredibly costly and comes with a fair share of risks. The main problem with refrigerated trucking arises with the use of large volume, reefer trailers equipped with single (or dual) temperature set point. Large-scale LTL refrigerated trucking allow for dangerous temperature deviations throughout the journey, which can be caused by:

  • Simple delays in transit,
  • Unloading and reloading of cargo allowing for temperature deviations above the prescribed temperature set points,
  • The use of cold storage warehouse facilities, and
  • Even the way in which the product is placed in the trailer where the free flow of re-cooled air becomes blocked and pockets of warmer (or colder) air stratification spots are formed.

For this reason many high-value cargo customers choose truckload or dedicated refrigerated trucking services, even when shipping only one or two pallets of temperature sensitive freight or cargo. However, dedicated refrigerated trucking does not solve temperature deviation risks. Additionally, with limited availability and high cost, truckload refrigerated transport services are a less than optimal solution for single or two pallet load shipments. Another major concern for customers looking for cold chain shipping in the summer is the lack of shipment visibility and trip reporting. This leaves many customers in the dark about the current state of their temperature sensitive freight, especially if a specific temperature variance must be maintained. To solve the difficulty of cold chain shipping, Cold Box has developed a revolutionary temperature controlled, active pallet shipper capable of precise temperature control (±1⁰C) for all temperature sensitive freight and extended hold times. With this alternative end-to-end cold chain shipping solution, customers are now able to by-pass expensive refrigerated trucking for less costly, dry LTL freight transportation. Cold chain shipping Validation Frame pics Having recently passed third party IOQ and PQ validations the Cold Box has been approved for custom critical shipping the most vulnerable of temperature sensitive cargo for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. Moreover, to further validate that the Cold Box can maintain a range of temperature set points for different products, Cold Box Express has hired Modality Solutions to conduct extreme chamber studies for autonomous or battery powered operation, hold time or limit testing, and battery charge for both HOT and COLD (7E profile) simulated environments. Click here to see the results collected for the autonomous HOT test. With validation in hand, all our Cold Box active pallet shippers also features

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24/7 (near) real-time positioning, tracking, payload compartment and ambient temperature monitoring, including automated event and excursion communications or ‘alerts’ via SMS text, email, or phone. As well, with Cold Box’s nationwide depots, pickup and drop off of your palletized rental is both quick and economical allowing for an end-to-end cold chain shipping solution that offers customers meaningful savings and risk mitigation in comparison to traditional temperature controlled shipping methods.

Cold Box Passes Comprehensive 3rd Party IOQ and PQ Validation Protocol for Use in Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries

IOQ and PQ Validation Protocol Cold Box Express, LLC recently completed and passed a comprehensive 3rd party Installation Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification or IOQ and PQ Validation Protocol effort conducted in a climate controlled setting. In summary, the tests ran for 60 hours with a payload temperature set point of 5⁰C. With 22 Sensitech TempTales (TT4) distributed along the payload compartment, these sensors captured data every 5 minutes. After 60 hours under these simulated real-world conditions, the Cold Box passed all IOQ and PQ Validation Protocol tests by maintaining the temperature set point within the auditable tolerance range. A thermal decay evaluation of our Cold Box pallet shipper followed for an additional 12 hours. For more detail, these three validation protocols are defined

as follows:

  • Installation Qualification or IQ Validation refers to a part of the global qualification scheme of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry that provides a systemic method to check the system/equipment static attributes and components prior to normal operation.
  • Operational Qualification or OQ Validation includes the documented evidence that the system or equipment performs as intended throughout all anticipated operating ranges including worst case scenario conditions.
  • Performance Qualification or PQ Validation allows for test cases to be used to verify that the system or equipment performs as expected under simulated real-world conditions.

As a commitment to continually improving, Cold Box’s participation in this independent or 3rd party IOQ and PQ Validation Protocol was two-fold:

  • To validate the internal usage of the Cold Box pallet shipper for a preferred logistics partner customer base (life science sector and other) and
  • To serve as a 3rd party/independent evaluation.

Next, our cold chain industry consultant, Modality Solutions, will conduct autonomous or battery powered Operation-Hot (and -Cold) studies using STD-7E profiles in a temperature controlled chamber simulating extreme summer and winter time conditions. To view the abbreviated snapshot summary report, click here

New 90-Second Video Introduces Alternative to Traditional Dry Ice Shipping

New 90-second video introduces the alternative to dry ice shippingInstead of emailing interested clients a pamphlet to read about the best alternative to traditional dry ice shipping, Cold Box Express has released their latest 90-second video on their new Youtube page. This short video encapsulates the key points customers need to know if their company uses traditional refrigerated trucking or dry ice shipping to move custom critical temperature controlled cargo. To summarize, with Cold Box’s palletized, climate controlled container, clients are now

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able to ship their lesser volume refrigerated payloads via common carrier or consolidated with non-refrigerated or dry freight. This alternative to dry ice shipping is not only better for the environment, it also saves the customer money through removing the need for expensive refrigerated trucking and virtually eliminating the risk of damage to the product through excessive heat or freezing. While in transit, the Cold Box active pallet shipper runs autonomously on battery-power and allows for increased hold times of up to 120+ hours, all the while providing clients with a detailed real-time communications of temperature data and box location that can be accessed 24/7 from your smartphone or computer. To learn more about the Cold Box, their national depots, or flexible rental options for refrigerated trucking and frozen transport, contact a member of our sales team at: or call 256-970-2940.  

New Advancement Increases Air Flow Efficiency in Cold Box’s Custom Critical Pallet Shippers

In an effort to continually improve, Cold Box is pleased to announce another innovation to their revolutionary custom critical pallet shippers. The improvement, which increases air flow efficiency within the pallet shipper’s cargo hold, promises to add additional hold time and temperature control to an already impressive system. Designed, implemented, and tested by the tadalafil Cold Box team of Richard

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Maze, Jimmy Trejo, and Tony Cook, the new plenums incorporate an advanced duct design when installed in the pallet shipper’s upper ducting. By managing the mass air flow inside the container, the air becomes more homogeneous and therefore, is maintained closer to the set point of the container. canadianpharmacyonline-rx Empirical testing with 16 temperature sensors/data loggers placed in the box confirmed the temperature of the air to be within 0.1-0.2ºC as recorded by each of the 16 temperature sensors located throughout the box. This new duct design was also found to significantly increase the efficiency of the air, allowing the air to circulate up to 4x each minute. Furthermore, this new airflow management system reduces running time for the container’s HVAC unit, thereby increasing battery powered hold times for temperature sensitive shipments. Ultimately, the new advancement in air flow efficiency of the Cold Box custom critical pallet shippers will allow for even greater control and assurances for shipping logistics and supply chain customers, particularly in the critical temperature sensitive shipping of pharmaceutical and biological cargo. To learn more about using Cold Box custom critical pallet shippers as a effective and economical alternative to refrigerated LTL trucking, see:

Cold Box Express to Attend the NASSTRAC Shippers Conference & Transportation Expo in Orlando, FL

Cold Box Express to Attend NASSTRAC Shippers Conference in Orlando, FLConference Hours:

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04/13/2015, 7:00am – 04/14/2015, 5:00pm

Cold Box Express LLC is proud to announce its participation at the National Shipper’s Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC) Shippers Conference in Orlando, FL. Come visit booth #213 where you can speak with our sales team directly regarding your specific logistics or supply chain questions.

Additionally, the Cold Box Express booth will feature a fully functional Cold Box climate controlled shipper on hand to demonstrate the container’s advanced technologies such as easy-to-use control panel, 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting. This innovative system offers logistics professionals immediate communications via SMS text or email of the container’s shipping data and location which improves supply chain shipment visibility including payload compartment temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity, shock/vibration, pressure, orientation, door openings, and automated event and excursion communications.

As membership to NASSTRAC serves important decision-makers in the logistics or supply chain management departments, the upcoming Shippers Conference is a natural fit for Cold Box Express and their alternative solution to traditional refrigerated LTL shipping. According to Marketing Manager, Lisa Schellenberg “the NASSTRAC Shippers and Transportation Expo is where transportation and supply chain executives come together to learn, build their network with peers and providers, and strengthen their contribution to

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their own company’s transportation strategy. This year, the focus will be to provide insight on carrier issues and how shippers can best solve or work with these limitations in a win-win relationship.”

Date & Location: April 12-15, 2015, Orlando, FL
Venue: Disney Swan and Dolphin Hotel
Booth: #213