The COLD BOX Solution

Get cold chain logistics assurance at a fraction of the cost
of traditional refrigerated transport or frozen shipping.


  • Set, monitor, and maintain conditions within 1˚ C throughout transport
  • Customize temperature between -10˚ F and-120˚ F (-23˚ C and 48˚ C)
  • Keep cargo cold OR warm
  • Use COLD BOX for refrigerated cargo, control room temperature (CRT), protect from freeze (PFF), and frozen shipping
  • Customize your shipping temperature between -23˚ C to 48˚ C and actively maintain it within 1˚ C
  • Trip histories are stored on our data servers for up to two years
  • 21 CFR, Part 11-compliant TEMS or trip summary reporting provided for every trip, with climate-controlled shipping event details
  • Save up to 70 percent in comparison to traditional dedicated refrigerated shipping
  • Ship temperature-sensitive materials via LTL or van – no need for expensive refrigerated transport
  • Consolidate loads of temperature-sensitive goods with traditional dry shipping
  • Reduce losses in transit with consistent temperature control
  • Minimal product handling (loading and unloading)
  • Track your shipment on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop
  • No software or programming required
  • GPS and GSM (global SIM) tracking of location, temperature, battery range, and system pressure, 24/7
  • Automated event and excursion communications via SMS or email, with Google Maps links and time and date stamps
  • Ship the COLD BOX through a common carrier, LTL trucking, or rail
  • Four-way forklift/pallet jack capable; four-point top-lift capable
  • Ship multiple COLD BOX containers at different temperatures on one vehicle
  • Eliminate unnecessary re-handling of temperature-critical shipments that can compromise your payload and cause delays
  • Deliver via van or trailer where larger vehicles have limited access
  • Delivered to you in less than 24 hours
  • Quick, cost-effective drop-off and return service
  • Daily rentals for one-way trips
  • Month-to-month leases for internal transit or storage
  • Longer-term leases available for up to 60 months
  • National network
  • Ship on your carrier or let COLD BOX bundle transport for you
  • Rechargeable batteries last up to 150 hours (6+ days) for extended autonomous operation
  • Ship coast to coast on a single charge
  • Operates indefinitely when plugged into a common 120V/240V power outlet
    • COLD BOX containers are rugged and reusable
    • No dry ice
    • Clean power – no requirement for diesel-fueled refrigeration units
    • Zero harmful emissions – COLD BOX emits only warm air
    • Plug into a standard 120V or 240V outlet to recharge or hold temperature indefinitely for storage applications
    • Convert any space into short-term storage, indoors or out
    • Indefinite operation when plugged into a standard 120V or 240V outlet
    • On-board batteries provide backup power in case of power failure
    • The COLD BOX team is knowledgeable and dependable
    • 24/7 access to customer support
    • Centralized monitoring and tracking is included with all rentals
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