Meet COLD BOX: the active self­-powered temperature controlled pallet shipper that gives
you a reliable and economical alternative to dedicated refrigerated trucking or dry ice shipping.

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The Cold Box – Your refrigerated trucking transport frozen shipping solution.

The Cold Box is a validated active pallet shipper that provides custom critical refrigerated transport, freight freeze protection and frozen shipping solution for temperature sensitive freight. Our Cold Box Express network offers a nearby economical and reliable alternative to refrigerated trucking and dry ice shipping for your valuable refrigerated transport, frozen shipping and freight freeze protection requirements. With the custom ability to actively maintain cold temperature payloads or protect critical freight from freeze, the Cold Box is the best refrigerated pallet shipper suitable for dry van or LTL trucking transport. Protect your valuable refrigerated, frozen or freeze protect freight and enjoy meaningful savings compared to nearby dedicated, full truckload refrigerated transport, or frozen shipping trucking companies.

Why Ship With COLD BOX?

Eliminate the high cost of dedicated reefers and the inconvenience of dry ice.

COLD BOX is a high-tech, precision, active temperature controlled pallet shipper that’s easy to handle, load, and transport. From priceless biomedical materials to high-value specialty foods, COLD BOX lets you ship even the most sensitive materials via dry less-than-truckload (LTL), box van, flatbed, and more in mixed loads.

  • ACTIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Set, monitor, and change
    conditions (+/–1° C) at any time during transport for refrigerated or frozen transport, freeze protection, and controlled room temperature (CRT) requirements.
  • COST SAVINGS. Get cold chain logistics assurance for up to 70% less than traditional dedicated refrigerated shipping.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING. Monitor location, temperature, and more from door to door, 24/7.
  • COLD BOXES are available nationwide with one-day delivery and quick, cost-effective drop-off and return service. Choose daily or month-to-month rental, or long-term leasing.
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AND RELIABILITY. COLD BOX shipping assures compliance with FDA mandates for end-to-end temperature control, monitoring, and reporting.
  • IMPRESSIVE HOLD TIMES. Every COLD BOX features rechargeable battery operation capable of up to 150 hours (6+ days) of autonomous operation.

Track your shipment in real time.

Every COLD BOX is tracked and monitored 24/7 by our service center for temperature, location, battery condition, and more. See everything we see with online tracking tools, automated alarms and messaging, a downloadable app, and detailed TEMS end-of-trip reports for regulatory compliance.

From one-way trips to long-term leases,
COLD BOX has you covered.

Get a preconditioned container delivered to any location in the US in just 24 hours, with easy, economical drop-off and return when you’re done. Ship on your carrier or let COLD BOX bundle transport for you. COLD BOX depots are positioned nationwide for maximum availability.

What’s New with the COLD BOX?

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