How does COLD BOX stack up?

In an apples-to-apples comparison of temperature controlled pallet shippers. COLD BOX is more reliable and more cost-effective than traditional dedicated refrigerated or frozen shipping, period.

End-­to-­end refrigerated shipping solution with up to 150 hours hold time (indefinite with power source) Must off­load shipments for unloading, cross­dock, or storage
Precise, validated, active temperature control to
+/– 1˚ C
Temperature deviation up to 25% unless validated
24/7 real­-time temperature controlled pallet shipper positioning, tracking, payload compartment and ambient temperature monitoring Real­-time monitoring or tracking of pallet or payload not available
Full 24/7 shipment visibility for customers via smartphone or tablet app, desktop, SMS alerts, email, or phone N/A
CFR Part 11-compliant TEMS or trip report generated for every trip, with data stored for two years Limited to customer­ provided end­-of-­trip disposable monitors
High efficiency 24 VDC compression cooling actively pulls through the palletized payload for precise temperature reduction potential Larger-volume, single­ temperature reefers offer unreliable temperature reduction
Maintains above­-ambient temperatures or controlled room temperature (CRT) control to protect temperature sensitive freight from freeze Precise CRT not available


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