Refrigerated shipping in the world’s hottest places! The Cold Box.

Refrigerated shippingWhen we traveled to Dehli, India in January, it was a pleasant 67 degrees; by summer, the temperature will likely climb above 110. Naturally, India’s pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges when it comes to transporting life-saving medications, vaccines, and other sensitive products in one of the world’s toughest climates. However, the biggest challenge isn’t the heat.

While refrigerated shipping by air is reliable into and out of India, refrigerated LTL trucking options are scarce and often sub-par. As the second-largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world, that’s a big problem for India. With an extremely limited supply of validated refrigerated trucking options and even fewer controlled room temperature (CRT) shipping or frozen shipping solutions,  “Last Mile” transport accounts for over 90% of pharmaceutical spoilage in the country.

We knew COLD BOX could help. We jumped at the chance to present our custom critical shipping solution at a conference sponsored by Pharma Connect, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical trade publications. As we demonstrated COLD BOX’s active temperature control and real-time monitoring capabilities at the Shangri-La Hotel in Delhi, one thing became clear: COLD BOX could create dramatic positive change here.

The reception from India’s key pharmaceutical and transportation industry decision-makers was “a bit overwhelming,” according to our CEO, Foster McDonald. “The Indian pharmaceutical market is quite advanced, but the domestic logistics capabilities are far behind.  COLD BOX will be responsible for solving an important problem that inhibits cold chain movement throughout the country.”

We’re thrilled to be bringing COLD BOX to India in 2018!


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