Cold Box Express Teams Up With Averitt Express To Offer Frios Gourmet Popsicles An LTL Cold Chain Shipping Solution

Continuing their successful relationship, Cold Box Express and transportation and logistics provider, Averitt Express have teamed up to offer their clients a convenient, cost-efficient, and ultimately, revolutionary LTL cold chain shipping solution.

As the case study below shows, gourmet popsicle company, Frios required a better method of transporting their temperature-sensitive product from their central distribution facility to the dozens of franchises located across the southeast. Watch how the team at Averitt, utilizing Cold Box Express’ LTL cold chain shipping units, made it happen for their client and read more here.

To learn more about Cold Box Express and their innovative LTL cold chain shipping units, click here

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Introducing Cold Box’s New Portable Water Provisioning System at SOFIC in Tampa, FL

This week, Cold Box is pleased to present their exciting new product at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL. Our advanced portable water provisioning system called Oasis Water System represents a leap forward in water provisioning for forward deployed personnel.

Completely portable and entirely green, the Cold Box’s mobile water system provides fresh, chilled or temperature managed water and does not generate waste as it is used. Utilizing the same advanced technology as our self-powered pallet shippers, the Oasis Water System’s rechargeable batteries, that can also be supplemented by solar panels, allow the unit to maintain and dispense up to 275 gallons of chilled water.

The portable water provisioning system can also be used for purposes other than keeping water chilled, since it can also maintain any temperature desired. For example, troops deployed into a cold environment would not have to worry about obtaining water that may be frozen.  The Oasis Water System is capable of maintaining a temperature that will not allow the water provisions to freeze, removing the supply chain issue of frozen and burst water bottles.

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is a multi-day conference for the SOF community to interact with industry providers such as Cold Box, to collaborate on the challenges and initiatives in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities through numerous educational sessions, demonstrations, interaction with exhibitors and many networking opportunities across the SOF community.  For more information, see

For more information on the new Oasis Water System, Cold Box’s new portable water provisioning system, contact our professional sales team at

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Cold Box Express and Its Full Pallet Shipper Featured on Alabama Local News

Cold Box Express was recently featured on Alabama local news website promoting their battery operated, ‘active’ temperature controlled full pallet shipper produced in their Arab, AL based manufacturing facility.

To read the article on Cold Box Express’ full pallet shipper and view the short video on, click here

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Cold Box’s Protect From Freeze Freight Service for Cold Sensitive Biopharmaceutical Payloads

While traditional LTL refrigerated shipping companies use a single temperature set point for multiple payloads in their cargo, Cold Box’s active pallet shipper and it’s advanced technology offers the best Protect From Freeze freight service for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads.

Cold Box Protect From Freeze service for Cold-sensitive Biopharmaceutical CargoTraditional LTL refrigerated trucks that offer Protect From Freeze freight service are too risky to trust with your high-value pharmaceutical products due to:

i. Temperature restrictions that allow just one set point per trailer,

ii. Little to no, real-time trip reporting on the state of your cargo,

iii. Wide temperature variation caused by the opening and closing of trailer doors, and

iv. Variances in temperature depending on where your cargo has been loaded in the trailer. For example, cold sensitive cargo placed directly on the floor of shipping trailers is at a far greater risk of freezing as opposed to top-loaded freight.

On the other hand, the Cold Box active pallet shipper and it’s Protect From Freeze freight service ensures freight freeze protection for your cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical cargo by forcing heated air through the freight and maintaining consistent temperatures from above 32°F (0°C) and up to 140°F (60°C) with precise control of +/-1°C throughout the payload compartment. Your cargo is also self-contained in the Cold Box pallet shipper from loading dock to final destination, alleviating all risks associated to handling exposure to freezing temperatures. In addition, many standard freeze protection methods rely on an external power source to operate continuously, whereas the Cold Box pallet shipper is equipped to run up to 120 hours on battery power (or indefinitely on external power), ensuring continuous temperature control and flexibility for heated, refrigerated, or frozen shipping, delivery and storage.

As well through the use of 24/7 Real Time GPS/GPM, Cold Box Express clients are able to track, monitor, and receive alerts regarding their shipment’s payload and ambient temperatures, increasing shipping transparency and providing a highly detailed trip summary. No freight freeze protection LTL trucking company can offer this level of visibility for their climate-controlled shipments.

To learn more about the Cold Box active pallet shipper and their Protect From Freeze freight service as an innovative solution for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads, see

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Active Biopharmaceutical Pallet Shippers Return to 14th Annual CCGF in Boston

Cold Box Express is proud to announce its annual exhibition at the IQPC’s 14th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum in Boston, MA. With well over 850+ senior cold chain professionals in attendance and over 100 speakers with nearly 36 hours of content, the Cold Chain Global Forum is the pharmaceutical industry’s flagship event and is the perfect place to showcase the innovative temperature controlled logistics solutions that Cold Box Express and their climate controlled active biopharmaceutical pallet shippers present to the life sciences cold chain needs.

As always, the Cold Box Express exhibit area at Booth #512 features an expanded booth that will showcase one of the fully functional Cold Box active biopharmaceutical pallet shippers to demonstrate first hand our 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting technologies for reliable, economical, and palletized LTL transport service for the diverse range of life sciences cold chain payloads in North America. These include immediate, detailed monitoring and reporting sent via SMS text or email to improve pharmaceutical shipment visibility for payload compartment temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity, shock/vibration, pressure, orientation, door openings, and automated event and excursion communications. We will also have our experienced sales team on hand to directly address any questions you may have surrounding the use of our biopharmaceutical pallet shipper and your specific life sciences cold chain requirements.

The IQPC’s Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum is the largest event of its kind and offers attendees the latest supplier products and information regarding temperature controlled logistics including how to:

  • Benchmark and develop much-needed cold chain industry standards to mitigate the complexity of region and country-specific requirements
  • Tackle specific logistical challenges by shipment size, product type and temperature range
  • Standardize your data monitoring, collection and analysis to identify hotspots more quickly
  • Explore innovative cost-reduction strategies without jeopardizing product quality
  • Identify, analyze and manage the risks that threaten your product integrity

For more information on registration or attending the show see:

Date & Location: September 26-30, 2016, Boston, MA
Venue: Hynes Convention Center


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Laredo, Texas Refrigerated Trucking Transport

Laredo, Texas Refrigerated Trucking Transport for Single Pallet Shipments

Ensure that your high value temperature sensitive cargo is protected during transport.

  • Active self-contained pallet shipper
  • Heats and cools
  • Custom temperature set points 
  • Monitor, track and report
  • 5+ days of autonomous battery operation
  • Ship via dry van or LTL service

Suitable for frozen shipping, refrigerated transport, controlled room temperature cargo and freight freeze protection. Consider the single pallet Cold Box shipper for your next Laredo, Texas refrigerated trucking transport needs.

Our Most Recent Cold Box Stories. WHAT’S IN YOUR COLD BOX?



The Cold Box is ideal for high-value single pallet or less than pallet load cargo:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Hazardous Materials
  • High-end Edibles
  • Wines & Spirits
Save over dedicate reefer by shipping with dry van and LTL service.


The Cold Box active pallet shipper provides custom critical solution for your refrigerated transport, freight freeze protection, frozen shipping and controlled room temperature (CRT) requirements. Ensure that your high value products safely reach their destination with:
  • Adjustable temperature set points -10°F to 140°F (-23°C to 60°C).
  • Custom critical temperature control (+/- 1°C).
  • Low freezer temperatures to -23°C.
Not only does the Cold Box actively refrigerate, it is also capable of protecting your critical freight from freezing. Its internal heater provides freight freeze protection for your custom temperature controlled shipping and storage requirements.


The Cold Box shipper operates on rechargeable internal batteries, providing 150 plus hours of autonomous operation. For temporary or long term storage, the Cold Box shippers can be plugged into a standard 110VAC/20A outlet for continuous operation and temperature control. As an active solution we provide a green, clean, economical, and reliable alternative to refrigerated trucking and dry ice shipping.


The Cold Box features 24/7 near Real Time Tracking that provides GPS location as well as GSM condition monitoring.  Stay up to date on your cargo temperature, ambient temperature, humidity (if needed), and remaining battery life. For records and compliance, data is compiled and summarized in a 21 CFR Part 11 trip summary report (click here to view a sample Trip Summary or TEMS report). Automated event and critical excursion communications, allows you to customize and improve shipment visibility. Excursions can be communicated via SMS text or email or phone based on the set parameters for your controlled room temperature, refrigerated transport, frozen shipping or freeze protect freight.


The Cold Box has been thoroughly tested in-house and by 3rd parties including:


National Depot Network allows for readily available units for your immediate Laredo, Texas refrigerated trucking or transport needs in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill metro or anywhere in the USA. For lesser volume pallet or less-than pallet load (LPL) controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated transport, frozen shipping or freeze protect freight, the Cold Box pallet shipper offers a custom approach to actively maintain cold temperature payloads or protect critical freight from freeze.


With flexible daily rental, month-to-month, and long-term rental and leasing options gain competitive advantage over traditional refrigerated trucking, passive pallet shippers, and dry ice shipping. The Cold Box pallet shipper ensures a reliable and economical option for your high value single pallet loads. We can drop-off and pick-up our shipper anywhere in the Laredo, Texas area or United States. Enjoy meaningful savings and precise temperature control for your Laredo, Texas high value transport needs.


The Cold Box is an environmentally friendly transport alternative.  Our solution eliminates dry ice shipping contamination, gel packs and other packaging waste related to passive insulated pallet shippers.  The Cold Box has no CO2 or exhaust emissions and solves No Idle Transport regulations. No refrigerated trucking or reefer trucking companies! Ship controlled room temperature, refrigerated transport, or frozen shipping and protect your cold sensitive freight from freezing transporting with any LTL trucking company or dry van, train, or freighter.


As a flexible, economical and environmentally friendly solution, the Cold Box pallet shipper provides a competitive option for your controlled room temperature, refrigerated transport, frozen shipping, and freeze protect freight requirements. Use the Cold Box for your high value shipments in/out of Laredo, Texas and eliminate the need for costly dedicated Refrigerated Trucking transport and Reefer Trucking companies. We also offer Express Coast-to-Coast refrigerated transport, frozen shipping, and freight freeze protection with competitive transit times at a fraction of the cost of Full Truckload / FT refrigerated trucking transport or dedicated reefer trucking companies! Compare us to other Laredo, Texas companies! Cold Box Express offers an economical, reliable and technologically advanced custom solution for your critical lesser volume palletized temperature sensitive high value cargo! We are a compelling alternative to Refrigerated Trucking transport or Reefer Trucking Transport Companies anywhere in Laredo, Texas or the USA!

The Cold Box is a validated active pallet shipper that provides custom critical refrigerated transport, protect from freeze (PFF), controlled room temperature (CRT), and frozen shipping solution for temperature sensitive freight. Our Cold Box Express network offers a nearby economical and reliable alternative to refrigerated trucking and dry ice shipping for your valuable refrigerated transport, frozen shipping, and freight freeze protection requirements. With the custom ability to actively maintain cold temperature payloads or protect critical freight from freeze, the Cold Box is the best refrigerated pallet shipper suitable for dry van or LTL trucking transport. Protect your valuable cool or refrigerated, frozen, controlled room temperature (CRT) and protect from freeze (PFF) freight and enjoy meaningful savings compared to nearby dedicated, refrigerated LTL and full truckload (FTL) transport, or frozen shipping trucking companies.

Our Cold Box Express Laredo, TX depot provides economical and quick Cold Box pallet shipper drop off / pick up services. See below for our local service areas.

78040 (Laredo)

78041 (Laredo)

78043 (Laredo)

78044 (Laredo)

78045 (Laredo)

78046 (Laredo)

78344 (Bruni)

78369 (Mirando City)

78371 (Oilton)

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Omni Logistics Uses Cold Box as Active Refrigerated Shipping Solution For Their Bio-Tech Client

As a high-value transportation logistics provider, Omni Logistics contacted Cold Box to help deliver a more cost-efficient, time-efficient, and overall, reliable and transparent active refrigerated shipping solution to their client in the bio-tech industry. According to Omni Logistics account manager, Jonathan Nasseri:

“We have a bio-tech client who had a problem and came to us for help moving some refrigerated and frozen product from their vendor in Southern California out to Texas. Dedicated reefer trucks were too expensive, especially when our client had more than one temperature requirement and considering they typically shipped only a few pallets at a time. Multi-temp LTL reefer options were even more limited, often had too long of transit times, and were not very reliable.

Omni Logistics Uses Cold Box as Active Refrigerated Shipping Solution For Bio-Tech ShipmentBased on compliance requirements, required transit time, price, and consistent availability, we found our best option was to repack product into thermo-safe coolers with gel packs and/or dry ice, depending on the temperature requirement. Prior to working with Cold Box, our process was quite labor intensive— it could take upwards of 12 hours and hundreds of dollars worth of gel packs (see photo right), dry ice and other packing materials, not to mention a fair amount of the limited space on the shipper’s dock.

I found Cold Box in an online search for an ‘active refrigerated shipping solution’. Now, our new active solution using a couple active pallet shippers set at two different temperatures (6.5C +/- 0.5C and -20C +/- 0.5C), allows us to complete our pickups with one person in under 1 hour. Further, we take up less space on the dock, and add a number of notable value adds.

For one thing, there is no temperature excursion of any kind with our new process. We load the active pallet shippers inside the walk in reefer / freezer with the boxes set to the exact same temperature, so everything is kept very tight from a compliance standpoint. No more worrying if there is enough dry ice to last a potential delay or that there might be too much and temperature could drop too low. Now we and our client both have direct virtually real-time access to payload temperature, battery levels, location, shock, humidity, and more from pickup to delivery plus a very slick report at the end of the trip summarizing everything. In the end, the Cold Box active refrigerated shipping model offered a significant overall cost savings along with improved control and visibility, so it’s really been well received by all involved in the process.”

For more information on Omni Logistics full range of transportation logistic services, including white glove, high value, domestic, international, and distribution see:

For more information on Cold Box’s active refrigerated shipping solution see:

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Protect Your Cold Sensitive Freight with the Cold Box Active Pallet Shipper

This winter, actively protect your cold sensitive freight with the Cold Box active pallet shipper. Whatever your freeze sensitive, palletized cargo requires, the active pallet shipper is designed to heat or cool, therein maintaining a consistent temperature throughout shipping. Read about our recent developments below in freight freeze protection in the latest newsletter: Freight Freeze Protectino With the mercury dropping across all of North America, it’s important to find LTL freeze protect services for your cold sensitive freight. With Cold Box Express’ rechargeable, battery-powered, active pallet shipper, your cold sensitive cargo can confidently maintain it’s temperature set point and send detailed payload compartment data and monitoring including ambient and payload temperatures. Read more…   To address the challenge of storing cold sensitive core samples, the Calgary office of Core Laboratories enlisted Cold Box Express active pallet shippers. The core samples were successfully maintained at controlled room temperature during storage in Calgary, AB and for their ground shipment to Houston, TX. Read more… Cold Sensitive FreightImproved heating system for Cold Sensitive cargo. In preparation for this winter, Cold Box Express updated its Cold Box shipper fleet during spring and summer with a

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new heating system. Discovered by Director of Product Development, Tony Cook with the assistance of Director of Manufacturing, Richard Maze, the new system improves temperature control, hold times and redundancy for extreme winter weather operation. Read more… Cold Box Express’ active pallet shipper has been successfully tested for extreme cold weather conditions by Modality Solutions, LLC at an independent thermal laboratory. A complete IQ/OQ package was prepared along with a summary thermal test report. The thermal performance testing of the active Cold Box pallet shipper was designed for use in an LTL trucking environment for the shipment of temperature labile products. This rigorous 5-part Thermal Validation protocol included ISTA 7E Hot and Cold profile testing. Read more…

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Cold Box Showing Refrigerated Transport Alternative at 2015 AUSA Expo

Cold Box is excited to present the new technology in its refrigerated transport alternative to an expected crowd of 26,000 visitors at the 2015 AUSA Annual Meeting and Expo in Washington D.C. from October 12-14, 2015 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre. Located in the Innovator’s Corner, a showcase for new technology and ideas, Cold Box’s booth features a fully working refrigerated transport pallet shipper on hand, along with the Cold Box sales team who can live demonstrate the technological features of the active pallet shipper and answer any questions that representatives of the US military or defence contractors may have regarding temperature sensitive shipping and on-site storage opportunities.Refrigerated Transport at the AUSA Annual Meeting & Expo Having been tested and certified for use by the life science and pharmaceutical industry for temperature controlled transportation of high-value pharmaceuticals and related products, the Cold Box offers a valuable cost-saving opportunity for use by the military and it’s associated contractors in their domestic and overseas operations. With never-before-seen precise temperature control features, 24/7 monitoring, and environmentally friendly, self-powered or battery powered operation, the Cold Box and its refrigerated transport pallet shipper are revolutionary in the field of temperature sensitive shipping and on-site refrigerated storage, allowing for precise temperature control of frozen, refrigerated, or freeze-protected cargo from a maximum temperature of 120°F (49°C) to a minimum temperature of -4°F (-20 °C). For more information on attending the AUSA Annual Meeting and Expo, see: To learn how Cold Box and it’s refrigerated transport

pallet shipper can solve challenges faced by temperature sensitive shipping and on-site refrigerated storage, see:

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Cold Box Express Presents Active Pallet Shipper for HAZMAT Shipping at the 2015 NAHMMA Conference

HAZAMAT Shipping NAHMMA Conference Conference Hours: 09/15/2015, 9:00am – 8:00pm and 09/16/2015, 9:00am – 2:00pm Cold Box Express is proud present its revolutionary active pallet shipper for safe and reliable HAZMAT shipping through their sponsorship and exhibitor participation at the

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2015 NAHMMA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, September 15, 2o15 at the Double Tree Hotel. This annual conference put on by the North American Hazardous Material Management Association or NAHMMA brings together it’s diverse membership of product manufacturers, government regulators, provincial, state and local waste management programs, waste handling businesses, non-profit environmental organizations and others involved in the field of hazardous components of municipal waste streams. As there is such a specific industry market attending the conference, members of the Cold Box sales team will have a fully-functioning Cold Box pallet shipper on hand to be able to showcase their advanced temperature-controlled, active pallet shipper to leaders in the field of HAZMAT transportation and discuss solutions to the various challenges faced by the industry. With it’s precise temperature controls, 24/7 monitoring and trip reporting, and environmentally friendly self-powered or battery powered operation, the Cold Box and its active pallet shipper are revolutionary in the field of HAZMAT shipping. With strict Department of Transportation regulations in place for the transportation of hazardous materials, the Cold Box temperature-controlled active pallet shipper is highly customizable making it the perfect HAZMAT shipping alternative for both less-than-truckload (LTL) and less-than pallet loads (LPL) for controlled room temperature, refrigerated transport, frozen shipping or freeze protected freight. With over 400 members and 10 regional chapters, the NAHMMA or North American Hazardous Material Management Association is a professional organization dedicated to pollution prevention and reducing the hazardous constituents entering municipal waste streams from households, small businesses and other entities that may be exempt from local, regional or national regulations. For more information on NAHMMA visit their website here: To learn more about Cold Box Express, their rental services, or how their revolutionary active pallet shipper is the perfect alternative to traditional HAZMAT shipping see:

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