Sponsor and Cold Chain Shipping Solution, Cold Box Express to Attend the 2017 SE Clinical Trial Supply Conference

As an event sponsor and pharmaceutical cold chain shipping solution, Cold Box Express is proud to announce their upcoming attendance at the 2017 Clinical Trial Supply Conference Southeast from May 3 -4, 2017 in Cary, North Carolina.

With hundreds of pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain logistics professionals projected to be in attendance and close to 20 speakers, the 2017 southeast regional Clinical Trial Supply Conference is a great platform to showcase the advanced cold chain shipping solution that Cold Box Express and their custom critical active pharmaceutical pallet shippers present.

The Cold Box Express exhibit area at Booth #10 will have not only our experienced sales team on hand to directly address any questions you may have surrounding your specific cold chain requirements, it will also feature an expanded booth to showcase one of the fully functional Cold Box custom critical active pharmaceutical pallet shippers to demonstrate, in real time, the shipper’s advanced capabilities such as:

  • 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting technologies for reliable, economical, and palletized LTL transport service for the diverse range of pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain payloads in North America.
  • Immediate, detailed monitoring and reporting sent via SMS text or email to improve pharmaceutical shipment visibility for payload compartment temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity, shock/vibration, pressure, orientation, door openings, and automated event and excursion communications.
The Clinical Trial Supply Southeast 2017 event brings together a great mix of local trial sponsors and vendors for cold chain solutions in an intimate setting to tackle the latest industry challenges being faced by the region. With panel discussions and roundtables to close the conference there will be plenty of opportunity for interaction and debate on the hot topics stimulating discussion over the two day event.
Date & Location: May 3-4, 2017, Cary, North Carolina

Venue: Embassy Suites, Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle, 201 Harrison Oaks Blvd.


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Temperature Controlled Pallet Shipper Returns to the 13th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum in Boston

Climate controlled pallet shipper at the Cold Chain Global ForumCold Box is excited to announce once again, its sponsorship and exhibition of its temperature controlled pallet shipper at Booth #403 at the 13th cialis 5mg online uk Annual GDP and Temperature Management Logistics Cold Chain Global Forum in Boston from October 5-9, 2015 at the Seaport Boston Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center. With over 800 attendees from a variety of industries, the Cold Chain Global Forum (CCGF) has proven to be a great venue for the Cold Box sales team to showcase the active pallet shipper’s new advancements and present alternative solutions to more traditional cold chain logistics problems with refrigerated LTL trucking. According to marketing manager, Lauren Miller, a few new cialis 40 mg pills additions to this year’s show will prove beneficial to both exhibitors and sponsors like Cold Box. These include “increased networking breaks, activities, luncheons, welcome and cocktail receptions, and of course, the jam-packed Exhibit Hall, which serves as the perfect place to network with does cialis work with low testosterone peers in viagra lasts an informal setting.” With a large booth featuring a fully working temperature controlled pallet shipper on hand, the Cold Box sales team can also present the new advancements made since their last appearance at the CCGF. These include the pallet shipper undergoing extensive 5-part thermal testing for validated custom critical, controlled

room temperature, refrigerated, and freezer temperature controlled transport requirements. In addition to being validated for high value

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cargo, the Cold Box product development and manufacturing team has also increased the air flow efficiency within the shipper’s cargo hold for extended hold times as well as installed an entirely new compact, heating system to further ensure freeze protection for temperature sensitive freight. To viagra online learn more about the GDP and Temperature Management Logistics Cold Chain Global Forum click here: https://www.coldchainglobalforum.com/ To learn more about Cold Box, their temperature controlled pallet shipper, and its solution to many of the traditional cold chain logistics problems faced, click here: https://thecoldbox.com/refrigerated-shipping/

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Cold Box Express: An Alternative to LTL Refrigerated Trucking

For any cold chain logistics professional, transporting temperature controlled cargo through LTL refrigerated trucking, assumes not only a greater number of challenges, but a higher degree of risk. From packing, handling, and monitoring, there are many variables that can cause errors in the cold chain. According to major UK insurance company, TT Club, the majority of insurance claims involving perishable payloads occur due to:

  1. “Confusion over Celsius and Fahrenheit
  2. Poor communication of requirements (plus versus minus temperatures)
  3. The container not monitored throughout its journey.”

With refrigerated trucking companies in particular, the main problem arises from their use of larger volume, one temperature reefers or transport refrigeration units (TRU) which offer unreliable temperature fluctuation, in some cases with palletized payload temperature deviations of up to 25%! This can be caused by various factors such as, delays in transit, unloading/reloading of cargo, and even the packing of the freight in the unit, which if not distributed evenly, can prevent the free flow of air and reduce the temperature set point. Another issue that arises with LTL refrigerated trucking companies is the lack of communication in trip reporting, real-time tracking, or monitoring of payload temperatures. Due to all these challenges faced by those involved in cold chain logistics, Cold Box Express has developed a revolutionary ‘end-to-end’ CRT (controlled room temperature), refrigerated, and frozen LTL trucking shipping solution for most palletized or LPL temperature sensitive payloads with their single active pallet shipper. Each Cold Box pallet shipper is capable of precise temperature control (±1⁰C) for refrigerated freight and extended hold times Cold Box refrigerated container features 24/7 real-time shipper positioning, tracking, payload compartment and ambient temperature monitoring, including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance TEMS or trip report. There is also the opportunity for even further improved shipment visibility with automated event and excursion communications or ‘alerts’ via SMS text or email or phone. Cold Box Express national depot network offers quick and economical drop off and return services. The options of daily rentals, month-to-month plans and long term leases provide flexibility for users depending on their one-time, reoccurring or seasonal temperature controlled shipping or storage needs. The unparalleled temperature control, shipping visibility, green technology and flexible rental terms backed by a national network

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of depots allows for meaningful savings and risk mitigation in comparison to traditional temperature controlled shipping methods. For more information on Cold Box Express and it’s climate controlled containers, please visit: https://thecoldbox.com/cold-box-express/ Alternative to LTL Refrigerated Trucking

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