Sponsor and Cold Chain Shipping Solution, Cold Box Express to Attend the 2017 SE Clinical Trial Supply Conference

As an event sponsor and pharmaceutical cold chain shipping solution, Cold Box Express is proud to announce their upcoming attendance at the 2017 Clinical Trial Supply Conference Southeast from May 3 -4, 2017 in Cary, North Carolina.

With hundreds of pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain logistics professionals projected to be in attendance and close to 20 speakers, the 2017 southeast regional Clinical Trial Supply Conference is a great platform to showcase the advanced cold chain shipping solution that Cold Box Express and their custom critical active pharmaceutical pallet shippers present.

The Cold Box Express exhibit area at Booth #10 will have not only our experienced sales team on hand to directly address any questions you may have surrounding your specific cold chain requirements, it will also feature an expanded booth to showcase one of the fully functional Cold Box custom critical active pharmaceutical pallet shippers to demonstrate, in real time, the shipper’s advanced capabilities such as:

  • 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting technologies for reliable, economical, and palletized LTL transport service for the diverse range of pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain payloads in North America.
  • Immediate, detailed monitoring and reporting sent via SMS text or email to improve pharmaceutical shipment visibility for payload compartment temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity, shock/vibration, pressure, orientation, door openings, and automated event and excursion communications.
The Clinical Trial Supply Southeast 2017 event brings together a great mix of local trial sponsors and vendors for cold chain solutions in an intimate setting to tackle the latest industry challenges being faced by the region. With panel discussions and roundtables to close the conference there will be plenty of opportunity for interaction and debate on the hot topics stimulating discussion over the two day event.
Date & Location: May 3-4, 2017, Cary, North Carolina

Venue: Embassy Suites, Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle, 201 Harrison Oaks Blvd.


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Cold Box Helps Solve the Problem of Cold Chain Shipping in Summer

With the increase in temperature during summer months also comes an increase in the problems for customers to negotiate cold chain shipping for their temperature sensitive freight. While traditional refrigerated trucking is more common, it is also incredibly costly and comes with a fair share of risks. The main problem with refrigerated trucking arises with the use of large volume, reefer trailers equipped with single (or dual) temperature set point. Large-scale LTL refrigerated trucking allow for dangerous temperature deviations throughout the journey, which can be caused by:

  • Simple delays in transit,
  • Unloading and reloading of cargo allowing for temperature deviations above the prescribed temperature set points,
  • The use of cold storage warehouse facilities, and
  • Even the way in which the product is placed in the trailer where the free flow of re-cooled air becomes blocked and pockets of warmer (or colder) air stratification spots are formed.

For this reason many high-value cargo customers choose truckload or dedicated refrigerated trucking services, even when shipping only one or two pallets of temperature sensitive freight or cargo. However, dedicated refrigerated trucking does not solve temperature deviation risks. Additionally, with limited availability and high cost, truckload refrigerated transport services are a less than optimal solution for single or two pallet load shipments. Another major concern for customers looking for cold chain shipping in the summer is the lack of shipment visibility and trip reporting. This leaves many customers in the dark about the current state of their temperature sensitive freight, especially if a specific temperature variance must be maintained. To solve the difficulty of cold chain shipping, Cold Box has developed a revolutionary temperature controlled, active pallet shipper capable of precise temperature control (±1⁰C) for all temperature sensitive freight and extended hold times. With this alternative end-to-end cold chain shipping solution, customers are now able to by-pass expensive refrigerated trucking for less costly, dry LTL freight transportation. Cold chain shipping Validation Frame pics Having recently passed third party IOQ and PQ validations the Cold Box has been approved for custom critical shipping the most vulnerable of temperature sensitive cargo for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. Moreover, to further validate that the Cold Box can maintain a range of temperature set points for different products, Cold Box Express has hired Modality Solutions to conduct extreme chamber studies for autonomous or battery powered operation, hold time or limit testing, and battery charge for both HOT and COLD (7E profile) simulated environments. Click here to see the results collected for the autonomous HOT test. With validation in hand, all our Cold Box active pallet shippers also features

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24/7 (near) real-time positioning, tracking, payload compartment and ambient temperature monitoring, including automated event and excursion communications or ‘alerts’ via SMS text, email, or phone. As well, with Cold Box’s nationwide depots, pickup and drop off of your palletized rental is both quick and economical allowing for an end-to-end cold chain shipping solution that offers customers meaningful savings and risk mitigation in comparison to traditional temperature controlled shipping methods.

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