Cold Box’s Protect From Freeze Freight Service for Cold Sensitive Biopharmaceutical Payloads

While traditional LTL refrigerated shipping companies use a single temperature set point for multiple payloads in their cargo, Cold Box’s active pallet shipper and it’s advanced technology offers the best Protect From Freeze freight service for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads.

Cold Box Protect From Freeze service for Cold-sensitive Biopharmaceutical CargoTraditional LTL refrigerated trucks that offer Protect From Freeze freight service are too risky to trust with your high-value pharmaceutical products due to:

i. Temperature restrictions that allow just one set point per trailer,

ii. Little to no, real-time trip reporting on the state of your cargo,

iii. Wide temperature variation caused by the opening and closing of trailer doors, and

iv. Variances in temperature depending on where your cargo has been loaded in the trailer. For example, cold sensitive cargo placed directly on the floor of shipping trailers is at a far greater risk of freezing as opposed to top-loaded freight.

On the other hand, the Cold Box active pallet shipper and it’s Protect From Freeze freight service ensures freight freeze protection for your cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical cargo by forcing heated air through the freight and maintaining consistent temperatures from above 32°F (0°C) and up to 140°F (60°C) with precise control of +/-1°C throughout the payload compartment. Your cargo is also self-contained in the Cold Box pallet shipper from loading dock to final destination, alleviating all risks associated to handling exposure to freezing temperatures. In addition, many standard freeze protection methods rely on an external power source to operate continuously, whereas the Cold Box pallet shipper is equipped to run up to 120 hours on battery power (or indefinitely on external power), ensuring continuous temperature control and flexibility for heated, refrigerated, or frozen shipping, delivery and storage.

As well through the use of 24/7 Real Time GPS/GPM, Cold Box Express clients are able to track, monitor, and receive alerts regarding their shipment’s payload and ambient temperatures, increasing shipping transparency and providing a highly detailed trip summary. No freight freeze protection LTL trucking company can offer this level of visibility for their climate-controlled shipments.

To learn more about the Cold Box active pallet shipper and their Protect From Freeze freight service as an innovative solution for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads, see

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Temperature Controlled Pallet Shipper Returns to the 13th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum in Boston

Climate controlled pallet shipper at the Cold Chain Global ForumCold Box is excited to announce once again, its sponsorship and exhibition of its temperature controlled pallet shipper at Booth #403 at the 13th cialis 5mg online uk Annual GDP and Temperature Management Logistics Cold Chain Global Forum in Boston from October 5-9, 2015 at the Seaport Boston Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center. With over 800 attendees from a variety of industries, the Cold Chain Global Forum (CCGF) has proven to be a great venue for the Cold Box sales team to showcase the active pallet shipper’s new advancements and present alternative solutions to more traditional cold chain logistics problems with refrigerated LTL trucking. According to marketing manager, Lauren Miller, a few new cialis 40 mg pills additions to this year’s show will prove beneficial to both exhibitors and sponsors like Cold Box. These include “increased networking breaks, activities, luncheons, welcome and cocktail receptions, and of course, the jam-packed Exhibit Hall, which serves as the perfect place to network with does cialis work with low testosterone peers in viagra lasts an informal setting.” With a large booth featuring a fully working temperature controlled pallet shipper on hand, the Cold Box sales team can also present the new advancements made since their last appearance at the CCGF. These include the pallet shipper undergoing extensive 5-part thermal testing for validated custom critical, controlled

room temperature, refrigerated, and freezer temperature controlled transport requirements. In addition to being validated for high value

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cargo, the Cold Box product development and manufacturing team has also increased the air flow efficiency within the shipper’s cargo hold for extended hold times as well as installed an entirely new compact, heating system to further ensure freeze protection for temperature sensitive freight. To viagra online learn more about the GDP and Temperature Management Logistics Cold Chain Global Forum click here: To learn more about Cold Box, their temperature controlled pallet shipper, and its solution to many of the traditional cold chain logistics problems faced, click here:

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Advanced LTL Freeze Protect Services for your Cold Sensitive Cargo

Advanced LTL Freeze Protect ServicesWith the mercury dropping across all of North America, it’s important to find LTL freeze protect services for your temperature sensitive freight. With Cold Box Express’ rechargeable, battery-powered, active pallet shipper, your cold sensitive cargo can confidently maintain it’s temperature set point and send detailed payload compartment data and monitoring including ambient and payload temperatures, along with communication or alarm alerts via email or SMS text to your phone. Rather than unreliable LTL freeze protect services such as warm rooms, cialis online prices cargo blankets, and beets nature’s viagra trailers with only one temperature set point, the risk of freezing is greatly reduced with Cold Box Express as the cargo never leaves the temperature-controlled walmart canada pharmacy products payload compartment until it reaches the final destination. This alleviates the canada online pharmacy codeine common problem of temperature variance with typical LTL freeze protect services as the warm air inside como hacer viagra natural the trailer escapes every cialis online time the door is opened to add or remove freight. Another benefit for those looking for LTL refrigerated shipping solutions is that Cold Box Express also allows for the the transportation and storage of multiple containers with different payload temperatures, from -10°0F to 140°0F (-23°0C to 60°0C). Additionally, their national network of depots across the United States allows for easy and efficient pickup and drop off of the Cold Box containers for your daily, monthly, or long-term lease. About Cold Box Express
Cold Box Express containers offer unparalleled temperature control, refrigerated shipping visibility, green technology and flexible rental terms backed by a national network of depots. With the ability to actively maintain temperature payloads or protect from freezing, the Cold Box is the only active pallet shipper suitable for dry freight or LTL trucking transport. Protect your valuable cold sensitive cargo and enjoy meaningful savings

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compared to traditional LTL freeze protect services.

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