Cold Box’s Protect From Freeze Freight Service for Cold Sensitive Biopharmaceutical Payloads

While traditional LTL refrigerated shipping companies use a single temperature set point for multiple payloads in their cargo, Cold Box’s active pallet shipper and it’s advanced technology offers the best Protect From Freeze freight service for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads.

Cold Box Protect From Freeze service for Cold-sensitive Biopharmaceutical CargoTraditional LTL refrigerated trucks that offer Protect From Freeze freight service are too risky to trust with your high-value pharmaceutical products due to:

i. Temperature restrictions that allow just one set point per trailer,

ii. Little to no, real-time trip reporting on the state of your cargo,

iii. Wide temperature variation caused by the opening and closing of trailer doors, and

iv. Variances in temperature depending on where your cargo has been loaded in the trailer. For example, cold sensitive cargo placed directly on the floor of shipping trailers is at a far greater risk of freezing as opposed to top-loaded freight.

On the other hand, the Cold Box active pallet shipper and it’s Protect From Freeze freight service ensures freight freeze protection for your cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical cargo by forcing heated air through the freight and maintaining consistent temperatures from above 32°F (0°C) and up to 140°F (60°C) with precise control of +/-1°C throughout the payload compartment. Your cargo is also self-contained in the Cold Box pallet shipper from loading dock to final destination, alleviating all risks associated to handling exposure to freezing temperatures. In addition, many standard freeze protection methods rely on an external power source to operate continuously, whereas the Cold Box pallet shipper is equipped to run up to 120 hours on battery power (or indefinitely on external power), ensuring continuous temperature control and flexibility for heated, refrigerated, or frozen shipping, delivery and storage.

As well through the use of 24/7 Real Time GPS/GPM, Cold Box Express clients are able to track, monitor, and receive alerts regarding their shipment’s payload and ambient temperatures, increasing shipping transparency and providing a highly detailed trip summary. No freight freeze protection LTL trucking company can offer this level of visibility for their climate-controlled shipments.

To learn more about the Cold Box active pallet shipper and their Protect From Freeze freight service as an innovative solution for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads, see

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