Load to Ride Transportation Uses Cold Box for Temperature Controlled Freight

Regional and national transportation leader, Load to Ride Transportation has recently had great success using Cold Box to ship their client’s temperature controlled freight.

Operations Director, Paul Reedy states, “It’s great being able to move a pallet in an temperature controlled environment and the Cold Box is easy to operate as well as load and unload. Normally we have to set the temperature on the refrigerated trailer, wait for it to get to temperature (which can take hours), then load the freight and go.  Plus Cold Box’s online web portal that allows you to log in is the icing on the cake and makes monitoring the temperature and location from start to finish a breeze.” Paul also expressed his excitement at having the option to ship PFF or Protect From Freeze freight in the winter seasons when the weather is extremely cold in Denver, CO.

In the future, Load to Ride plans on using Cold Box for more temperature controlled freight shipping for clients like Hammond’s Candies fine chocolate, KMG Chemicals (reefer hazmat corrosive), Fresh Box Foods, makeup, and more.

Load to Ride Transportation Uses Cold Box to Ship Temperature Controlled Freight

With corporate offices based in Denver, CO, Load to Ride Transportation offers a wide-range of logistics and transportation services including Load-to-Deliver, LTL shipping, Pool Distribution, Warehousing, and Special Handling. For more information see: https://www.onestopfreightways.com/

To learn more about using Cold Box for shipping temperature controlled freight, visit: https://thecoldbox.com/temperature-controlled-freight/

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Cold Box & Panalpina Work Together on LTL Temperature Controlled Pharma Shipping

Recently Cold Box and the HSV (Huntsville) logistics center of global freight forwarder, Panalpina, are working together to service client’s LTL temperature controlled pharma shipping needs including Cold Box Express’ PFF or Protect From Freeze services which offers precise freight freeze protection for cold sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads ensuring safe delivery in extreme winter environments.

According to SFO Air Export Manager, Tony Mao:

Cold Box and Panalpina LTL Pharma Shipping“[Panalipina] is handling pharma products that have a required specific temp range between +15°C to +25°C or +2°C to +8°C that must be maintained during transport.  The biggest challenge with LTL pharma shipping is the availability and accessibility of refrigerated trucks to safely handle these type of pharmaceuticals products.”

With the use of Cold Box, not only is there transparency throughout the entire trip with the active pallet shipper’s built-in GPS and GSM allowing access to near real-time communication and monitoring of payload data and shipment location, but Cold Box maintains a network of national depots in major shipping hubs, making pick up and drop off of your temperature controlled active pallet shipper as convenient as possible.

The Panalpina Group is one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain solutions. Drawing on in-depth industry know-how and customized IT systems, Panalpina manages the needs of its customers’ supply chains, no matter how demanding they might be. For more information on Panalpina’s life sciences logistics and LTL pharma shipping see: https://www.panalpina.com/www/global/en/home/industry_verticals/Healthcare.html

For more information on LTL Temperature Controlled Pharma Shipping, see https://thecoldbox.com/pharmaceutical-shipping/ or contact a member of the Cold Box Express sales team at sales@thecoldbox.com


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