About Us

Temperature Controlled Pallet ShipperThe COLD BOX Temperature Controlled Pallet Shipper was introduced to the shipping industry in 2014. Offering a pallet-sized interior compartment, precise temperature control and range, extended hold times, and 24/7 near-real-time tracking and monitoring, the COLD BOX quickly became a compelling option for shipping pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, high-end perishables, and any other temperature-sensitive cargo.

The compact, pallet-sized COLD BOX allowed companies to break free of their dependence on expensive dedicated refrigerated transport, offering unparalleled active temperature control for sensitive cargo while shipping in traditional LTL or box trucks. This innovative development made it possible to consolidate refrigerated and dry freight pallets onto one truck for shipping. The COLD BOX had arrived.

Since that time, COLD BOX has become a popular choice for logistics companies who want to offer innovative options to their shipping customers and an economical, reliable option for the companies and manufacturers themselves.

As our company has grown, we remain committed not only to innovative shipping solutions but also to outstanding customer service as well. We will always see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ business, and we work hard every day to add value and improve distribution and inventory efforts in a wide range of industries.

Our purpose is to provide an economical, reliable, green, and clean alternative to the traditional CRT, refrigerated, and frozen transport of temperature-sensitive freight that guarantees critical chain of custody assurance and cold chain logistics integrity.

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