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Refrigerated shipping in the world’s hottest places! The Cold Box.

Refrigerated shippingWhen we traveled to Dehli, India in January, it was a pleasant 67 degrees; by summer, the temperature will likely climb above 110. Naturally, India’s pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges when it comes to transporting life-saving medications, vaccines, and other sensitive products in one of the world’s toughest climates. However, the biggest challenge isn’t the heat.

While refrigerated shipping by air is reliable into and out of India, refrigerated LTL trucking options are scarce and often sub-par. As the second-largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world, that’s a big problem for India. With an extremely limited supply of validated refrigerated trucking options and even fewer controlled room temperature (CRT) shipping or frozen shipping solutions,  “Last Mile” transport accounts for over 90% of pharmaceutical spoilage in the country.

We knew COLD BOX could help. We jumped at the chance to present our custom critical shipping solution at a conference sponsored by Pharma Connect, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical trade publications. As we demonstrated COLD BOX’s active temperature control and real-time monitoring capabilities at the Shangri-La Hotel in Delhi, one thing became clear: COLD BOX could create dramatic positive change here.

The reception from India’s key pharmaceutical and transportation industry decision-makers was “a bit overwhelming,” according to our CEO, Foster McDonald. “The Indian pharmaceutical market is quite advanced, but the domestic logistics capabilities are far behind.  COLD BOX will be responsible for solving an important problem that inhibits cold chain movement throughout the country.”

We’re thrilled to be bringing COLD BOX to India in 2018!


Cold Box Express To Sponsor 15th Annual Global Forum on Temperature Controlled Life Science Supply Chains in Chicago, IL

Returning for their 4th consecutive year as sponsor and exhibitor, Cold Box Express is excited to attend the 15th Annual Global Forum featuring industry professionals in temperature controlled life science supply chains in Chicago from September 25-29, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.

Joining Cold Box Express’ experienced sales team will be 850+ industry leaders, 100+ expert speakers, & 120+ fellow solution providers from 30+ countries for interactive discussion groups, roundtables, master class, site tours, awards ceremony and much more. As a major sponsor of the Global Forum, Cold Box Express’ expanded booth will showcase one of the fully functional palletized, custom critical shippers to allow the sales team to provide one-on-one demonstrations of the shipper’s validated capabilities for temperature controlled life science supply chains as well as answer any questions you may have surrounding your company’s specific cold chain requirements.

When compared to traditional refrigerated transport and frozen shipping used in the life science supply chains, Cold Box Express’ custom critical pallet shipper proves its worth as more reliable and more cost-effective.

• End-­to-­end refrigerated shipping solution with up to 150 hours hold time (indefinite with power source) • Must off­load shipments for unloading, cross­dock, or storage
• Precise, validated, active temperature control to
+/– 1˚ C
• Temperature deviation up to 25% unless validated
• 24/7 real­-time pallet shipper positioning, tracking, payload compartment and ambient temperature monitoring • Real­-time monitoring or tracking of pallet or payload not available
• Full 24/7 shipment visibility for customers via smartphone or tablet app, desktop, SMS alerts, email, or phone • N/A
• CFR Part 11-compliant TEMS or trip report generated for every trip, with data stored for two years • Limited to customer­ provided end­-of-­trip disposable monitors
• High efficiency 24 VDC compression cooling actively pulls through the palletized payload for precise temperature reduction potential • Larger-volume, single­ temperature reefers offer unreliable temperature reduction
• Maintains above­-ambient temperatures or controlled room temperature (CRT) control to protect temperature sensitive freight from freeze • Precise CRT not available


To learn more about attending the 15 Annual Global Forum in Chicago and to save 20% off your registration, click here

For more information on how Cold Box Express and their custom critical shipper can revolutionize your temperature controlled life science supply chains, click here.

Cold Box Express Teams Up With Averitt Express To Offer Frios Gourmet Popsicles An LTL Cold Chain Shipping Solution

Continuing their successful relationship, Cold Box Express and transportation and logistics provider, Averitt Express have teamed up to offer their clients a convenient, cost-efficient, and ultimately, revolutionary LTL cold chain shipping solution.

As the case study below shows, gourmet popsicle company, Frios required a better method of transporting their temperature-sensitive product from their central distribution facility to the dozens of franchises located across the southeast. Watch how the team at Averitt, utilizing Cold Box Express’ LTL cold chain shipping units, made it happen for their client and read more here.

To learn more about Cold Box Express and their innovative LTL cold chain shipping units, click here

Introducing Cold Box’s New Portable Water Provisioning System at SOFIC in Tampa, FL

This week, Cold Box is pleased to present their exciting new product at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL. Our advanced portable water provisioning system called Oasis Water System represents a leap forward in water provisioning for forward deployed personnel.

Completely portable and entirely green, the Cold Box’s mobile water system provides fresh, chilled or temperature managed water and does not generate waste as it is used. Utilizing the same advanced technology as our self-powered pallet shippers, the Oasis Water System’s rechargeable batteries, that can also be supplemented by solar panels, allow the unit to maintain and dispense up to 275 gallons of chilled water.

The portable water provisioning system can also be used for purposes other than keeping water chilled, since it can also maintain any temperature desired. For example, troops deployed into a cold environment would not have to worry about obtaining water that may be frozen.  The Oasis Water System is capable of maintaining a temperature that will not allow the water provisions to freeze, removing the supply chain issue of frozen and burst water bottles.

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is a multi-day conference for the SOF community to interact with industry providers such as Cold Box, to collaborate on the challenges and initiatives in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities through numerous educational sessions, demonstrations, interaction with exhibitors and many networking opportunities across the SOF community.  For more information, see

For more information on the new Oasis Water System, Cold Box’s new portable water provisioning system, contact our professional sales team at

Cold Box Express Presents Their Custom Critical Full Pallet Shipper at 2017 West Coast Clinical Trial Supply Conference

Event sponsor and innovative pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain solution, Cold Box Express is excited to present their custom critical full pallet shipper at 2017 West Coast Clinical Trial Supply Conference in Burlingame, CA from May 24-25, 2017.

As a major sponsor of the conference, Cold Box Express’ expanded booth will showcase one of the fully functional palletized,custom critical full pallet shipper for the sales team to provide one-on-one demonstrations of the shipper’s validated cold chain capabilities as well as answer any questions you may have surrounding your company’s specific cold chain requirements.

With it’s 24 hour real time tracking, monitoring, and reporting features of Cold Box Express’ custom critical full pallet shipper make it a natural fit for eliminating risks to the valuable clinical trial and biopharmaceutical payloads and maintaining full compliance with all regulations required throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain. Combined with Cold Express’ sales team with specialty experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors, attendees of the conference will be presented with the latest and most innovative temperature controlled shipping solutions, tailored to their specific west coast regional needs.

The Clinical Trial Supply West Coast 2017 event brings together a great mix of local industry sponsors and vendors for cold chain solutions in an smaller setting to tackle the latest industry challenges being faced by the west coast region. With panel discussions and roundtables there will be plenty of opportunities for interaction and debate on the topics for discussion over the two day event.

Date & Location: May 24-25, 2017, Burlingame, CA

Venue: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, 1333 Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, San Francisco

Cold Box Express and Its Full Pallet Shipper Featured on Alabama Local News

Cold Box Express was recently featured on Alabama local news website promoting their battery operated, ‘active’ temperature controlled full pallet shipper produced in their Arab, AL based manufacturing facility.

To read the article on Cold Box Express’ full pallet shipper and view the short video on, click here

Sponsor and Cold Chain Shipping Solution, Cold Box Express to Attend the 2017 SE Clinical Trial Supply Conference

As an event sponsor and pharmaceutical cold chain shipping solution, Cold Box Express is proud to announce their upcoming attendance at the 2017 Clinical Trial Supply Conference Southeast from May 3 -4, 2017 in Cary, North Carolina.

With hundreds of pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain logistics professionals projected to be in attendance and close to 20 speakers, the 2017 southeast regional Clinical Trial Supply Conference is a great platform to showcase the advanced cold chain shipping solution that Cold Box Express and their custom critical active pharmaceutical pallet shippers present.

The Cold Box Express exhibit area at Booth #10 will have not only our experienced sales team on hand to directly address any questions you may have surrounding your specific cold chain requirements, it will also feature an expanded booth to showcase one of the fully functional Cold Box custom critical active pharmaceutical pallet shippers to demonstrate, in real time, the shipper’s advanced capabilities such as:

  • 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting technologies for reliable, economical, and palletized LTL transport service for the diverse range of pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain payloads in North America.
  • Immediate, detailed monitoring and reporting sent via SMS text or email to improve pharmaceutical shipment visibility for payload compartment temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity, shock/vibration, pressure, orientation, door openings, and automated event and excursion communications.
The Clinical Trial Supply Southeast 2017 event brings together a great mix of local trial sponsors and vendors for cold chain solutions in an intimate setting to tackle the latest industry challenges being faced by the region. With panel discussions and roundtables to close the conference there will be plenty of opportunity for interaction and debate on the hot topics stimulating discussion over the two day event.
Date & Location: May 3-4, 2017, Cary, North Carolina

Venue: Embassy Suites, Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle, 201 Harrison Oaks Blvd.


Load to Ride Transportation Uses Cold Box for Temperature Controlled Freight

Regional and national transportation leader, Load to Ride Transportation has recently had great success using Cold Box to ship their client’s temperature controlled freight.

Operations Director, Paul Reedy states, “It’s great being able to move a pallet in an temperature controlled environment and the Cold Box is easy to operate as well as load and unload. Normally we have to set the temperature on the refrigerated trailer, wait for it to get to temperature (which can take hours), then load the freight and go.  Plus Cold Box’s online web portal that allows you to log in is the icing on the cake and makes monitoring the temperature and location from start to finish a breeze.” Paul also expressed his excitement at having the option to ship PFF or Protect From Freeze freight in the winter seasons when the weather is extremely cold in Denver, CO.

In the future, Load to Ride plans on using Cold Box for more temperature controlled freight shipping for clients like Hammond’s Candies fine chocolate, KMG Chemicals (reefer hazmat corrosive), Fresh Box Foods, makeup, and more.

Load to Ride Transportation Uses Cold Box to Ship Temperature Controlled Freight

With corporate offices based in Denver, CO, Load to Ride Transportation offers a wide-range of logistics and transportation services including Load-to-Deliver, LTL shipping, Pool Distribution, Warehousing, and Special Handling. For more information see:

To learn more about using Cold Box for shipping temperature controlled freight, visit:

Suneva Medical Uses Cold Box Temperature Controlled Pallet Shipping Container for High-Value Aesthetic Products

San Diego-based aesthetics company, Suneva Medical now uses Cold Box’s temperature controlled pallet shipping container for their high-value shipments of dermatological and aesthetic products to their impressive client base.

Through the daily rental service of the temperature controlled pallet shipping container, Suneva Medical ensures validated low freezer storage at -18°C for their client’s shipping demands.


In addition to utilizing Cold Box as their preferred method for validated climate controlled shipping, Suneva is also considering using the active pallet shipper’s innovative technology for critical offsite, long-term, low freezer storage(+2°C to 8°C and -18°C) as part of their on-site risk mitigation and offsite disaster recovery efforts.

Suneva Medical is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel, differentiated products for dermatology and aesthetic markets. To learn more about their three unique products, Bellafill®, Regenica® and ReFissa® see: To learn more about renting the Cold Box temperature controlled pallet shipping container for your climate controlled pharmaceutical, healthcare, or life science cargo, see:

Cold Box’s Protect From Freeze Freight Service for Cold Sensitive Biopharmaceutical Payloads

While traditional LTL refrigerated shipping companies use a single temperature set point for multiple payloads in their cargo, Cold Box’s active pallet shipper and it’s advanced technology offers the best Protect From Freeze freight service for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads.

Cold Box Protect From Freeze service for Cold-sensitive Biopharmaceutical CargoTraditional LTL refrigerated trucks that offer Protect From Freeze freight service are too risky to trust with your high-value pharmaceutical products due to:

i. Temperature restrictions that allow just one set point per trailer,

ii. Little to no, real-time trip reporting on the state of your cargo,

iii. Wide temperature variation caused by the opening and closing of trailer doors, and

iv. Variances in temperature depending on where your cargo has been loaded in the trailer. For example, cold sensitive cargo placed directly on the floor of shipping trailers is at a far greater risk of freezing as opposed to top-loaded freight.

On the other hand, the Cold Box active pallet shipper and it’s Protect From Freeze freight service ensures freight freeze protection for your cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical cargo by forcing heated air through the freight and maintaining consistent temperatures from above 32°F (0°C) and up to 140°F (60°C) with precise control of +/-1°C throughout the payload compartment. Your cargo is also self-contained in the Cold Box pallet shipper from loading dock to final destination, alleviating all risks associated to handling exposure to freezing temperatures. In addition, many standard freeze protection methods rely on an external power source to operate continuously, whereas the Cold Box pallet shipper is equipped to run up to 120 hours on battery power (or indefinitely on external power), ensuring continuous temperature control and flexibility for heated, refrigerated, or frozen shipping, delivery and storage.

As well through the use of 24/7 Real Time GPS/GPM, Cold Box Express clients are able to track, monitor, and receive alerts regarding their shipment’s payload and ambient temperatures, increasing shipping transparency and providing a highly detailed trip summary. No freight freeze protection LTL trucking company can offer this level of visibility for their climate-controlled shipments.

To learn more about the Cold Box active pallet shipper and their Protect From Freeze freight service as an innovative solution for cold-sensitive biopharmaceutical payloads, see