Temperature Sensitive Freight Shipping



Cold Box full pallet shippers offer an economical, reliable and flexible temperature controlled solution for your temperature sensitive shipping needs.

Our self-powered or battery operated temperature controlled pallet shippers provide an end-to-end solution for lesser volume palletized temperature sensitive freight.

For your refrigerated trucking or transport needs anywhere in the USA, the Cold Box Express offers a validated active pallet shipper that provides a custom critical refrigerated transport, freight freeze protection, and frozen shipping solution as an economical, and reliable alternative to refrigerated trucking and dry ice shipping for your critical refrigerated transport, frozen shipping, and freight freeze protect requirements.

Our Cold Box pallet shipper offers a custom approach to actively maintain cold temperature payloads or protect critical freight from freeze for your lesser volume pallet or less-than pallet load (LPL) controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated transport, frozen shipping or freeze protect freight.

The Cold Box Express offers a compelling alternative to Refrigerated Trucking transport or Reefer Trucking Transport Companies anywhere in the USA

With flexible daily rental, month-to-month, and long-term rental and leasing options we offer a compelling alternative to traditional temperature sensitive freight carriers.  Consider us for your next temperature sensitive shipping event – request a quote today!

Active, Self-powered, Temperature Sensitive Pallet Shipper Rentals

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Cold Box Express, LLC offers a compelling alternative to traditional temperature sensitive freight carriers to transport your temperature sensitive goods and products.

Traditional temperature sensitive freight trucks and trailers have limitations that include temperature set point, exposure to temperature variation due to opening and closing of loading doors and variance in temperature within different areas of the freezer trailer.  The Cold Box full pallet shipper can maintain temperatures between  -4°F (-20°C) and 120°F (49°C) with precise control of +/-1°C throughout the temperature sensitive shipping event – from loading dock to final destination.

Temperature sensitive shipping by refrigerated trucks rely on external power to operate continuously the integral refrigeration unit. In comparison, the Cold Box shipper runs up to 150 hours on battery power or indefinitely on line power ensuring temperature control and flexibility for shipping, delivery and storage.

With limited available warehouse space, temperature sensitive freight trailer units are also used for storage of critical materials. The time the product is held in the temperature sensitive freight trailer is limited, and the temperature sensitive shipping time is spent in the facility grounds where local maintenance may not be available, yet any temperature sensitive freight truck failure still costs time and money.

As the product progresses through the operation, reliable temperature sensitive freight trailer performance becomes even more critical. Important issues include the dispatching rules, fleet size, season of the year, availability of third party temperature sensitive freight truck repair, time of day, temperature sensitive freight product mixture and geography.

Our Cold Box pallet shipper size, availability through a national network of depots and able to ship via any LTL common carrier, delivers the flexibility that traditional temperature sensitive freight carriers can not provide.

In comparison to temperature sensitive freight LTL trucking, the Cold Box offers unparalleled visibility through its 24/7 Real Time Tracker.  This Cold Box features offers real time visibility of location, ambient and payload temperature, battery levels and alarm events.  No temperature sensitive freight LTL trucking company can offer this level of data for their climate-controlled shipments.

In the world of transportation there are a number of influencers converging that are greatly impacting both the cost and availability of long-haul temperature sensitive freight trailers, which, of course, is critical to the movement of larger volume, one-temperature requirement perishable goods and products.

Among the factors that might be impactful are regulations on hours of service, safety issues and wait times at point or origin and destination.  Also of concern is the aging fleet of US based temperature sensitive freight reefer LTL trucks, which likely means more refrigerated trucking breakdowns and longer haul times…another factor very critical to the movement of temperature sensitive freight commodities.

The Cold Box Express eliminates these risks by providing a national network of depots that allow for the quick and economical pick-up and drop-off of Cold Box shippers.  This allows for improved response times and availability of temperature sensitive shipping containers versus the offering by refrigerated LTL trucking.

Our Cold Box pallet shippers eliminate risk and uncertainty for temperature sensitive shipping needs by providing readily available containers that offer precise active temperature control.  Additionally, our 24/7 Real time tracking option allows you to constantly monitor the location, temperature, battery levels and excursions of your temperature sensitive shipping event, allowing you to actively control and mitigate risks associated with shipping temperature sensitive products.

In today’s climate of stringent safety and transport laws and regulations, traditional temperature sensitive freight carrier companies provide limited control for temperature sensitive shipments. In comparison, the Cold Box full pallet shipper can provide complete security of your products while enabling you to monitor the entire temperature sensitive shipping process. Our Cold Box active shippers will ensure your critical materials are held at an exact temperature throughout the shipping event, from pickup to delivery.  Additionally, our shippers will proactively alert of any excursions or alarm situations so that you may actively respond, placing you in control of your temperature sensitive shipment.

The transportation system of many processing industries embeds multi-layered pickup and delivery points (like hubs). Complex shipping rules are implemented to ensure that appropriate inventory levels of various product types are maintained at the national distribution centers. The hierarchical design is typical of many transportation systems, but the perishable aspect of temperature sensitive freight material presents unique challenges, particularly when using traditional temperature sensitive shipping methods.

Consider the Cold Box as a substitute to temperature sensitive shipping via refrigerated trucking carriers for the transportation of your temperature sensitive cargo. The Cold Box provides an end-to-end solution for temperature sensitive freight – from processing facilities to distribution outlets.

The Cold Box shipper provides an economical and proven temperature sensitive shipping solution for your critical materials while enabling you to monitor the entire process.   The design of the Cold Box unit eliminates the need for using refrigerated trucking carriers for temperature sensitive freight.

By implementing our Cold Box, LTL dry freight carriers can now offer specific, cost-effective, customized temperature sensitive shipping solutions for your distribution needs. Our LTL trucking partners can provide truckload carriage or a complete array of services requiring temperature sensitive shipping, partial shipment consolidation, cold storage services, warehousing, and logistics management to improve your distribution and inventory efforts.

Additionally, our asset-based premier nationwide LTL trucking partners and logistics partners can now offer temperature sensitive shipping by utilizing Cold Box pallet shippers to ensure economical, efficient and effective transport services to their clients.

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