See How People Are Using The COLD BOX

From pharma to farm-fresh,
smart companies rely on COLD BOX.

COLD BOX specializes in life sciences shipping, providing a lockable, portable, validated, temperature-controlled environment with up to 150 hours of autonomously powered hold time. Our mobile refrigerated shipper provides precise temperature control performance. With tracking and reporting features to improve FDA regulatory compliance, COLD BOX dramatically improves cold chain integrity and security, and simplifies storage for freeze-sensitive, controlled room temperature, refrigerated and frozen medications, specimens, equipment, and more.

COLD BOX makes it possible to combine perishable, frozen, and non-temperature-sensitive food products on the same truck for delivery – even flatbed trucks, box vans, or small trailers – for a fraction of the cost of traditional refrigerated shipping.

Eliminate ice chests, heaters, and noisy generators at events when you transport, store, and serve your temperature-sensitive catered dishes with COLD BOX. Just load your van or custom trailer with our self-powered, temperature-controlled containers and safely transport all your perishable food items in one trip.

Custom trailers are available for this application.

COLD BOX turns your warehouse into a temperature-sensitive storage facility, indoors and out, without you having to invest in cold storage facility conversions or new construction.

A slight change in temperature or humidity can have an adverse effect on valuable artwork and artifacts. COLD BOX maintains the cold chain during transport of costly artwork

COLD BOX eliminates the risk of melting during transport for perishable, temperature-sensitive food products such as chocolates, custom confections, and more. Ship pallet-sized loads via any common carrier flatbed, box van, or small trailer without the cost of renting a larger refrigerated truck for a relatively small cargo load.

Even small variations in temperature can compromise the efficacy of valuable chemicals; COLD BOX ensures that your sensitive chemical payload will be kept in its “safe zone” for up to 150 hours of transport and storage.

Sophisticated electronics and most computer components are sensitive to heat, moisture, and electrostatic discharge (ESD). COLD BOX provides temperature control performance that exceeds refrigerator requirements, such as the WHO E01 and E02 hot zone requirements.

When disaster strikes, COLD BOX helps people and communities avoid millions of dollars in losses. With its long battery life and simple handling and transport, COLD BOX becomes a mobile, temperature-controlled environment for perishable food items, medicines, medical supplies, and more.

Floral products can be especially temperature-sensitive, and spoilage often comes at a high cost. COLD BOX eliminates the risk of loss and lets you deliver fresh flowers on any vehicle without the high cost of traditional refrigerated shipping.

Federal and state agencies provide temperature- and time-sensitive medicines, food items, and other products to civilian, governmental, charitable, and military organizations as well as other entities across the United States and around the world. COLD BOX makes those deliveries logistically simpler and more cost-efficient, amounting to substantial savings of scarce resources.

Transport temperature-sensitive products on the same vehicle, no refrigerated transport required. Deliver meat, vegetables, ice cream, and canned goods all on the same truck without risking a break in the cold chain, even while at the loading dock.

COLD BOX keeps totes or drums of any temperature-sensitive liquid in the desired range without the need for a walk-in or drive-in cooler. It can even be used for short- or long-term storage without breaking the cold chain.

COLD BOX assures cold chain integrity aboard cruise ships, freighters, fishing boats, military vessels, and dockside locations for up to 150 hours on a full charge (indefinitely when plugged into a common outlet), making temperature-sensitive transport and storage a reality for most vessels.

Perfect for use in remote locations or field operations, the rechargeable COLD BOX delivers up to 150 continuous hours of unassisted cold or heated storage both inside and outside for temperature-sensitive materials. Self-powered and compact, COLD BOX can be transported on virtually any vehicle, from semi-trailers and flat racks to helicopters and utility trailers.

Unloading delays, bad weather, excessive temperatures, and other factors commonly pose spoilage risks at offshore facilities. The self-powered COLD BOX assures that perishable products will be stored and delivered within their required and (often critical) temperature ranges, no matter what delays arrive.

Deliver up to 10 different temperature-sensitive vegetables and fruits in the same load without risking spoilage or breaking the cold chain, even while at dockside. With COLD BOX, any flatbed truck, box van, or small trailer can make deliveries with substantial cost savings over traditional refrigerated transport options.

Imagine that all your perishable deliveries when you arrive every morning are kept at their precise temperature requirement – that’s COLD BOX. One common carrier can deliver up to 10 mobile containers, each with different temperature requirements for meat, seafood, vegetables, ice cream, wine, frozen goods, etc. No need to unload right away; use COLD BOX as storage until it’s time to replace. All you need is floor space inside or out. Eliminate spoilage, dockside delays, and traffic-blocking deliveries. COLD BOX can be transported via flatbed, box van, or small trailer.

Deliver to your customer right off the vessel and eliminate spoilage with a set temperature that can be maintained indefinitely. COLD BOX arrives at packing plants, restaurants, distribution areas, or any other destination without ever breaking the cold chain or the chain of custody.

Carry everything you need for the entire fishing or hunting trip with no ice required. Store food, drinks, and game in the same container with no external power requirements for up to 150 hours, or use a small generator to recharge the system for an additional 150 hours of continuous usage. Transport in your pickup truck or pull the container on a small trailer.

COLD BOX lets you safely ship wine under all weather conditions, any time of year – without risking a break in the cold chain – while maintaining cellar temperature band up to five days on a single battery charge. Ship valuable wines in smaller quantities to better control temperatures, with optional humidity control available for longer-term site storage.

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